Farouk & Azeel

Farouk & Azeel have known each other from a very young age, through their religious community, and have been closest of friends since. The idea of starting a business together had been floating about from around the time they started applying to universities but became a reality around the summer of 2009 when job's became increasingly difficult to secure.  After flirting with the idea of a few different franchises they finally settled with a Sblended milkshakes after it became apparent that the concept of creating your own shake was growing to a a level of popularity which created the required interest and motivation to start their business adventure.

Azeel Manji (Born 30th October 1985)
BSc Computer Science, Kings College London
Previous work experience includes Photo processing assistant & Sales assistant at Boots the Chemist (2006 - 2010) & Deputy manager at Ladbrokes (2004 - 2006).

Farouk Somani (Born 26th January 1986)
BSc Politics, Public Policy & Business Management, Aston University
Previous work experience includes Deputy manager at Ladbrokes (2004 - 2010).